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Numchai Ocean Transport Co, Ltd.

Numchai Ocean Transport Co. Ltd. is a family run business that comes from humble beginnings and has evolved into a player of serious impact registering capital of 70 million baht. Going from strength to strength, the company has been operating for fifty-nine years on the tropical island of Phuket.

The early history of the company is unique. Numchai Ocean Transport Co. Ltd. specialized in transferring passengers and loading goods. Typical ocean transports included tin, cattle and other agricultural products, as well as rubber from Phuket to the Cuntang district. From the Cuntang district, goods were transferred further afield to Penang, Malaysia. Parts and equipment for the tin mining industry, including Chinese laborers, were transferred back from Penang to Phuket on returning ships, stopping in the Cuntang district to haul gasoline, rice and sugar.

Currently, two national policies promote the marine transportation business for their efforts in saving energy and also ensuring the reduction of road and highway surface decay. Numchai Ocean Transport Co. Ltd. is financially supported by the Office of Promoting Small and Medium Business Enterprise (SME) under the Ministry of Industry (MOI) in Thailand. The Ministry of Industry is the largest stakeholder in the company.

These days, our ocean transportation services include:

  • Loading gasoline and drinking water for battleships and ocean vessels anchored in Chalong Bay and other areas of Phuket
  • Dredging ocean channels in the sea and also canals
  • Oceania construction work such as dropping more than 500,000 artificial corals along the Andaman coast
  • Laying cable lines from Phuket to Yao and Klang Islands in Krabi, as well as Sarai Island in the province of Satun
  • Transferring construction materials such as stone and building blocks from Krabi, Trang, Nakonsrithammarat and Satun to Phuket, Lanta Island, Phi Phi Island and surrounding islands in the Andaman Sea
  • Removing 60,000 tons of hazardous waste and debris from the waters surrounding Phi Phi Island after the tsunami
  • Transferring white sand from Krabi to the Paklok district of Phuket for beach grading work



Numchai Group Transport


Within 2016, Numchai Ocean Transport Co.Ltd will launch the upcoming project "Numchai Pier"

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